Examining Cognitive Ability

Cognitive skills are a number of important manner in which we learn. They are an important part of any learning process and greatly impact how we learn and what we learn and what’s our level of brain fitness. Let’s review a few of these important cognitive skills and describe them in further detail.

His achievement score is a measurement of what he knows and what he’s learned. These will be his scores in things like reading, mathematics, and written language. In order for your child to indicate a learning disability, there’s got to be a large gap between his ÔÇťaptitude’ score (his ability to process information and learn) and what he’s actually learned.

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Sustained Attention-This relates to the capacity to remain focused and on task. It also relates to the quantity of time we can remain focused.

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Selective Attention-This relates to our capacity to remain focused and on task while being subjected to distracting sensory input.

Divided Attention-This relates to our capacity to remain focused on a particular and then apply similar focus to another task at the same time. Another simple way to examine it is multi tasking.

Long Term Memory-This relates to our capacity to recall information which was initially stored some time previously. Long term memory is a critical part of learning since it serves to remember facts and other information. People with weak long term memory can easily forget important information like names and phone numbers and tend to do badly on tests.

Short Term or Working memory-This type of memory is employed to hold information in our immediate awareness while performing another mental task.

Logic and Reasoning-This relates to our ability to do critical thinking, formulate concepts, and solve problems using new information or new processes.

Auditory Processing-This is the capacity to analyze, blend and differentiate sounds. It is a critical skill necessary for learning to read.

Visual Processing-This skill enables us to perceive, analyze and perform critical thought using images. It helps us to picture something in our mind and constitutes a critical skill used for following directions, reading a map or performing a series of mathematical problems.

Processing Speed-This relates to our capacity to process information in an effective manner. The faster we can process information, the more rapid and effective we can be at enhancing the other cognitive skills.

Training your cognitive skills can help you get to optimal brain fitness. This is very important as you use your cognitive skills in several of your daily activities and you want to be sure these are well trained for you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

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