Movie Theatre Etiquette

If you are a movie fan who likes to experience their cinema on the big screen whenever possible, you have no doubt noticed a major decline in movie theatre etiquette in recent years. More and more, people are treating movie theatres as little more than extensions of their own living rooms with little or no regard for the enjoyment of the other people sharing that space.

Here are some tips on how you can set a good example in your local movie theatre and not contribute to the problem:

No cell phones

Many people are addicted to their smart phones and seemingly refused to leave them unattended for even the shortest period of time. Once a movie starts, your phone needs to be turned off. And we made completely off: not on vibrate. No checking for messages, texts, or anything else. If you absolutely must use your phone, get up and go to the lobby.

Noisy food

Certain movie theatre foods come in packaging that can be quite noisy. If you bought one of these confections, be sure to open the packaging before the film starts and then consume the food as quietly as possible.

Minimize talking

To put it bluntly, people are paying to hear the movie, not to hear you talk. There is nothing wrong with laughing at comedies, but otherwise, please limit your discussion to the time after the film has finished.

Control your children

We realize that young children can be a handful, but please try to minimize the distractions they make the rest of the viewing public. Young children should really only attend matinees until they are old enough to act maturely in a screening. Also, be sure to observe the age ratings and do not bring your kids to movies with mature content that will disturb them and adversely affect their behaviour.

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