If you’re looking to purchase a used treadmill, here are some buying tips that’ll help you secure a great deal. While a treadmill can provide an owner with a convenient way to exercise, a quality treadmill can cost a couple thousand dollars or even more. By buying a used treadmill, you can often get a solid treadmill for a period of less than a thousand dollars, often much less.

More expensive treadmills generally are more durable than inexpensive treadmills. Before shopping for a used treadmill, become acquainted with the high end brand names and target these treadmills. Visit some retailers of new treadmills to determine what features are important to you. You can also check out treadmill reviews by "Consumer Reports" or other publications to become familiar with the better models and what to search for in a treadmill.

And Now For The Best Of Treadmill

The simplest way to obtain a used treadmill is to shop at a used sporting goods retailer. Exercise equipment is a mainstay of the used sporting goods business as many people buy exercise equipment, use it for a while, and then stop using it. Even if a used sporting goods retailer does not have a treadmill that you like, chances are they get in new treadmills frequently. Other sources of used treadmills include bulletin boards, internet sites (eBay, Craigslist, etc.), pawn shops and other sellers of used merchandise.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to spend $4, 000 on a new treadmill. Many times a treadmill costing $995 can be just as good as the one costing $3, 500. Another option is buying a used treadmill. Many good deals can be consulted with used treadmills.

When viewing a treadmill ask the owner to show you all of the characteristics of the treadmill. It isn’t unreasonable to ask to use the treadmill for at least a few moments to test it. Use the treadmill at various speeds to make certain it works properly. Look at the entire treadmill including the underneath and the machinery of the treadmill for wear, excessive dirt or other problems. Ask if the owner always has the owner’s handbook for the treadmill, if not do an online search to see if you can get one before agreeing to the purchase.

PriceA fair price to be paid for a used treadmill will differ depending on the treadmill’s age, condition and quantity of use. However, you should look to spend about half of the treadmill’s new retail price when buying used. When buying at a used sporting goods store that allows returns and gives a warranty for the treadmill, you can generally expect pay a higher price that when buying off of an individual. In most situations, there are more sellers of used treadmills than there are buyers. This means that you will be able generally buy the treadmill for a period of less than the vendor’s asking price. A general guideline is to offer about 20 percent lower than the asking price.

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